All State Music Festival (at NHMEA Spring Conference)

Festival Chairperson – Ed Doyle

Committee Members:
Band Chair: Matt Redmond
Mixed Chorus Chair: Scott Lounsbury
Orchestra Chair: Michelle Jaques
Treble Chorus Chair: Will Gunn

Auditions Chairperson – Jared Cassedy

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2016 All State Audition Requirements

*Because of new editions of the audition material being published each year, please focus on the preparing the given ETUDE NUMBER versus the page the etude appears on.  This is due to edition re-numbering their pages.


You should always go with the edition of the book that appears in the NHMEA All State Audition requirements, which may mean that you must use an older edition.  However, as the new edition of the KLOSE book was released, I can give you some guidance.  Please go with the following as reference:
Orignal KLOSE with what it’s listed under for the new edition:
Pg. 127 – B Major (line 2, measure 3 thru line 3, measure 3).  This is found in the “Scales in Thirds, Major Minor” section.  Just look for the exercise in Bb major.
Pg. 128 – lines 1, 2, 3.  This is the first three lines of “Broken Chords of the Tonic and its Inversions in All Keys.”
Pg. 129 – line 8, measure 2 thru 1st measure of line 9 – This is found under “Various Patterns of the Tonic Chords in All Keys.”  The first note of this measure starts on the third line B natural (eighth note) jumping up to the B natural above the staff (sixteenth note) going to the D# above that (sixteenth note).  The excerpt is four measure in total ending on second line G.

Instrumental Resources

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Chorus Resources


Any of the cue notes in Danza, Danza may be used or not used, according to the singer’s needs.  Points will be neither awarded nor deducted for their use.



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Chorale SATB



2016 Chorale MIDI


2016 Chorale – Full Score


Choir Melodic Sight Reading Practice Examples

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Guitar Resources

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