Home Education Policy


(Adopted 6/6/12)

 Home education students may participate in NHMEA festivals and events provided the following conditions are met:

  1. The student must reside in the local school district, and must be living with the parents or legal guardians in the family residence.
  2. The student must meet local school participation requirements as set forth in the NHMEA application and audition guidelines.
  3. Applications must be signed and supported by the local school’s music educator and administrator, who will jointly determine the student’s eligibility.
  4. D. Exceptions to the above policies should be appealed in writing directly to the appropriate NHMEA Chairperson at least 30 calendar days prior to the application deadline for the event. Decisions will be made on a per case basis. 
  5. If it is decided that a parent or guardian will be the student’s chaperone at an overnight event, proof of criminal background check (within the previous 12 months) will be provided to the Festival Chairperson at the time the registration paperwork is due.