All State Music Festival (at NHMEA Spring Conference)

Festival Chairperson – Ed Doyle

Committee Members:
Band Chair: Joe Mundy
Mixed Chorus Chair: Scott Lounsbury
Orchestra Chair: Andrea von Oeyen
Treble Chorus Chair: Will Gunn

Auditions Chairperson – Becky Pierce

Registration deadline – October 5, 2018 – teachers must use OPUS to register students. 
Use this form – NHMEA All State Auditions – and keep a copy for your records.
Click here for help with OPUS.

2018-2019 All State Audition Requirements (updated September 10, 2018)
Auditions are November 17, 2018 at Memorial High School
Please make sure you are checking that your book edition match the books listed on the first page of the requirements. If you are using a different edition, the pages and exercise numbers may be different. We are doing our best to update everything!
Clarinet – exercises listed on the requirements document are for the Warren edition of the KLOSE      
**The KLOSE enlarged edition page number are as follows:

Pages 136-137 Ab Major

Page 139 line 6 measure 2 through line 10 measure 1

Page 144 #9

**Viola auditions – Movement 3 and 4, only
**Bass (String) – Movement 1 
There will be student classical harp auditions for NH All State this year!  Students will audition on 2 pieces of music that will be played at New Hampshire All State this year: 1. “Selections from West Side Story by Leonard Bernstein (arr. by Jack Mason) – will be played with the All State Orchestra, and 2. “La Procesion del Rocio” by Joaquin Turino – will be played with the All State Band.  Students will also need to play a short selection from a solo piece (3-5 minutes; 5 minutes maximum) and perform a bit of sight reading for the judge. 
Required Pieces:
Auditions will take place on Saturday, January 12th, 2019 at UNH IN DOVER, NH (the same day as the NHBDA chamber festival) and parents will need to transport harp students to the site. You will be sent an audition time through the public-school music teacher at your school. 

Vocal Audition Information 

1. Per la gloria d’adorarvi Giovanni Bononcini

As published in Q-Notes, and on the NHMEA website, and available in PDF format via this link:

Medium High (Sopranos & Tenors)

Medium Low (Basses and Altos)

To be sung, memorized, in Italian, with the accompaniment recording from the Alfred publication, 26 Italian Songs and Arias; John Glen Paton, ed.

Medium High (for Sopranos & Tenors) (  catalog # 7968639

Medium Low (for Altos & Basses) (   catalog # 7968688

The NHMEA Choral Council STRONGLY URGES each teacher sending students to purchase a copy of the book & CD.  There is significant and helpful information, IPA pronunciation, translations, and historical context available in this resource, all of which are important for proper preparation of the solo.

2. The 2018 Audition Chorale, to be sung, memorized, to a recording of the chorale with the student’s part missing.

Chorale Audition Information

2018 Chorale PDF




Chorale – Soprano LOUD


Chorale – Alto LOUD


Chorale – Tenor LOUD


Chorale – Bass LOUD


Chorale – NO Soprano


Chorale – NO Alto


Chorale – NO Tenor


Chorale – NO Bass

Sight Reading Examples

2018 Instrumental Audition Resources

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Viola Audition Scales – check below for 3-octave scales

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Cello Audition Scales – check below for 3-octave scales

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Double Bass Audition Scales 

Guitar Resources

Carcassi Etude – Ted Mann edition – pdf

Guitar all state scales (updated October 1, 2018)

Guitar sightreading sample 1

Guitar sightreading sample 2