All State Music Festival (at NHMEA Spring Conference)

Festival Chairperson – Ed Doyle

Committee Members:
Band Chair: Joe Mundy
Mixed Chorus Chair: Scott Lounsbury
Orchestra Chair: Andrea von Oeyen
Treble Chorus Chair: Will Gunn

Auditions Chairperson – Becky Pierce


All-State 2019 Orchestra Bowing Information
Registration deadline – registrations for the 2018 Auditions are now closed
Use this form – NHMEA All State Auditions – and keep a copy for your records.
Click here for help with OPUS.

Auditions are November 23, 2019 – Audition materials will be available in May, 2019
Please make sure you are checking that your book edition matches the ones listed on the first page of the requirements. If you are using a different edition, the pages and exercise numbers may be different. We are doing our best to update everything!

Vocal Audition Information 
Sight Reading Examples

2019 Instrumental Audition Resources

Piccolo Scales

Flute Audition Scales

Oboe Audition Scales

Clarinet Audition Scales

AltoClar Audition Scales

BassClar Audition Scales

Bassoon Audition Scales

Saxophone Audition Scales

Fr Horn Audition Scales

Trpt Audition Scales

Trbn Audition Scales

Baritone TC Audition Scales

Baritone BC Audition ScalesTuba Audition Scales

Tuba Audition Scales

Mallets Audition Scales

Violin Audition Scales

Viola Audition Scales – check below for 3-octave scales

Viola 3 octave scales

Cello Audition Scales – check below for 3-octave scales

Cello 3 octave scales

Double Bass Audition Scales 

Guitar Resources