Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion




  • Na Mele Hula: A collection of Hawaiian Hula Chants by Nona Beamer
  • Let Your Voice Be Heard! Songs from Ghana and Zimbabwe by Abraham Adzinyah
  • Multicultural Perspectives in Music Education Series by William Anderson/ Patricia S. Campbell
  • Ukuti, Ukuti: A Swahili Children’s Song Book by Dhow Countries Music Academy
  • Hot Peas and Barley-O: Children’s Songs & Games from Scotland by Susan Brumfield
  • Moving Within the Circle: Contemporary Native American music and Dance by Bryan Burton
  • Teaching Music Globally by Patricia S. Campbell
  • Songs of Latin America: From the Field to the Classroom by Patricia S. Campbell
  • Roots & Branches: A Multicultural Music for Children: Patricia S. Campbell
  • Welcome to Mussomeli: Children’s Songs From an Italian Country Town by Rosella Dilberto
  • Music in Bali: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture by Lisa Gold
  • The Lion’s Roar: Chinese Luogu Percussion Ensembles by Kuo-Huang
  • West African Drum & Dance: A Yankadi-Macrou Celebration by Kalani/Ryan Camara
  • One, Two, Three! Achat, Shtayim, Shalosh! Children’s Songs from Israel by Rita Klinger
  • Music In Korea: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture by Donna Lee Kwon
  • Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture Series
  • Games Children Sing: Malaysia by Jackie Chooi-Theng / Patricia S. Campbell
  • Games Children Sing: India/China/Japan by Gloria Kiester
  • Brown Girl In the Ring: An Anthology of Song Games from the Eastern Caribbean by Bess Lomax Hawes
  • Ni Hao! Sing and Chant Your Way to China! by Chet-Leng Loong
  • Quien Canta Su Mal Espanta (Singing Drives Away Sorrow) by Verena Lopex-Ibor
  • We’ll Be In Your Mountains, We’ll Be In Your Songs: A Navajo Woman Sings by Ellen McCullough-Brabson
  • El Patio de mi Casa: 42 Traditional Rhymes, Chants, and Folk Songs from Mexico by Gabriela Montoya-Stier
  • Children’s Songs from Afghanistan by Louise Pascale
  • Songs and Stories from Uganda by W. Moses Serwadda
  • World Sound Matters: An Anthology of Music from Around the World by Jonathan Stock
  • Gending Rare: Children’s Songs and Games from Bali by B. Talbot

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