All-State Music Festival

NHMEA All-State Auditions and Festival


Registration Deadline: October 19, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.

Payment Deadline: November 13, 2022

Audition Date: Saturday, November 19, 2022 at Manchester Memorial High School

Festival Dates: March 30 – April 1, 2023

(Concord High School and Grappone Conference Center)

Committee Members:
Festival Chairperson – Sarah Evans

Auditions Chairperson – Becky Pierce

Band Chair: Bobby Burns
Mixed Chorus Chair: Scott Lounsbury
Orchestra Chair: Christopher Noyes
Treble Chorus Chair: Will Gunn
Guitar Ensemble Chair: John Zevos & Dan Lorenz


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2022 Scoring Rubrics – PDF File updated 9/23

*Please scroll to the bottom for the most up to date guitar audition information!!! 

Vocal Audition Information 

ACDA Help Session Video

On Friday November 11th at 12:00 pm, NH ACDA will be hosting a virtual sight reading clinic for any student or teacher that would like to attend. Will Gunn and Blake Leister will take students through strategies for tonal and rhythmic sight reading and provide additional practice examples. 
Audio practice tracks:
Chorale – All parts –
Chorale – no Soprano
Chorale – no Tenor
Chorale – no Bass
I Will Go With My Father A-Ploughing
In the case of optional notes, the student and teacher may decide which set of notes to sing, lower or higher, and will then remain with that set of notes.
Sight Reading Examples
Old Sight Reading Examples

Instrumental Resources

Sight Reading examples – 

Compound Time – Treble Clef

Simple Time – Treble Clef

Cut Time – Treble Clef

Compound Time – Bass Clef

Simple Time – Bass Clef

Cut Time – Bass Clef

Violin SR Practice

Violin SR Practice 2

Viola SR Practice

Viola SR Practice 2

Low Strings SR practice

Low String SR Practice

Cut Time – Snare

Compound Time – Snare

Simple Time – Snare

Compound Time – Mallets

Cut Time – Mallets

Simple Time – Mallets


Scale sheets – for practice. All scales must be memorized

Piccolo Scales

Flute Audition Scales

Oboe Audition Scales

Clarinet Audition Scales

AltoClar Audition Scales

BassClar Audition Scales

Bassoon Audition Scales

Saxophone Audition Scales

Fr Horn Audition Scales

Trpt Audition Scales

Trbn Audition Scales

Baritone TC Audition Scales

Baritone BC Audition ScalesTuba Audition Scales

Tuba Audition Scales

Mallets Audition Scales

Violin Audition Scales

Viola Audition Scales – check below for 3-octave scales

Viola 3 octave scales

Cello Audition Scales – check below for 3-octave scales

Cello 3 octave scales

Double Bass Audition Scales

Guitar Resources

All State Guitar Audition Scales

Each of the 4 scales listed on the PDF are to be performed at quarter note = 120, observing the left and right hand fingerings.

22-23 NH Guitar All State In The Hall of The Mountain King Guitar 2

Guitar 2 – 3 excerpts bracketed on PDF, all at quarter note = 120