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    Below are the meeting notes from the council meeting on 10/15.

    Professional Development-likes and wish list

    •Speed interview
    •Movement-singing games-hands on
    •Orff sharing- with certified teachers and invite others to learn
    •Vertical curriculum & unit mapping
    •Standards based grading-assessment
    •I can statements
    •Specific elementary-general music… more variety

    Ideas for continuing council discussions throughout the year:

    •Facebook group
    •Google doc
    •Google forum
    •Shared google drive
    •Wiki space

    Meeting Discussion focus- Grading in the music classroom

    Grading currently used in the classroom:

    •Competencies softs skills-21ST CENTERUIES SKILLS, performing, responding
    •report twice a year
    •aligning with new core standards
    •has only started with ensembles
    •Meeting- or not meeting standard…on report card
    •Effort-conduct-content knowledge

    Assessments currently used in the classroom:
    •Using rubrics
    •Pilot schools implementing NAfME assessment
    ◦A lot of formative assessments
    ◦Summative at benchmark levels
    •Keeping charts to jot down quick assessment-looking for trends
    •Individual check ins while others are doing center work
    •Districts are working collaboratively to make district benchmark assessments with common rubrics
    •Student self-reflection
    ◦ Behavior
    ◦quick check in with hands
    ◦check for understanding check ins
    ◦Using alternative check in responses


    •ABC vs 1234
    •challenge to have grading consistency
    •time to meaningfully assess
    •large student numbers in classes/ensembles

    Action items:

    •Create a google group about grading assessment rubrics
    ◦Everyone can upload rubrics and other grading documents to share
    •Email questions to Katie and make group
    •Clarification about the future competencies law ED306

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